Saturday, 21 December 2019

Brooloo Park - July 2016

Friday 8th July, 2016

This weekend we are going back to a local camping spot we've been to before and we've grown in numbers as well.

We are re-visiting Brooloo Park near Imbil for the weekend and coming along this weekend we have the usual suspects of Dave & Tracy, Maureen, Razzle & Doreen and ourselves - plus we have Lyn & Andy and Andy & his son Ash.  Again there is a collection of camping units from our Travelander slide on, a T-Van, Roof top and tents.

We picked up Dave, Tracy & Maureen in their car on the highway and then waited for Lyn & Andy to join us - so got underway a little later then anticipated, around 3pm.  Just a straight drive to Brooloo on the bitumen, arriving around 4pm ish.  Drove up the driveway to the office and was greeted by the friendly Roz and numerous animals.  I had already booked us a particular site earlier in the week, so we just needed to sign the waiver and pay our fees. Then we headed off to take everyone to our plot of land for the weekend.  The Razzles and Andy & Ash were already there and setting up.

Brooloo is great because the site you get is huge (and I mean HUGE!) and it doesn't matter if it's just you camping alone or a group, you get that whole plot of land to yourself and each area has a toilet, campfire and call it a picnic table and most are on the creek.

I think everyone had picked a spot and were setup by about 5pm (that includes the many helpers assisting Maureen to put up her new tent - quote of the day was Razzle saying to Maureen "you know you can use your tent more the once, you don't have to buy a new tent each time we camp".........  and there were plenty of helpers to give a hand or point for Lyn & Andy who were using their daughters tent).  

Of course a campfire needed to be started, beers were opened as soon as we stepped out of the cars chatting about the property and the nibbles were put out.  Tonight it is the normal look after your own dinner affair - we'll be having leftover spaghetti bol, which we'll share with Maureen, Andy & Ash.


Getting dinner organised
It was a typical first night at camp, lots of laughter & chatting into the night around the campfire.

Saturday 9th July, 2016

We awoke to a frosty morning with clear blue skies - jumpers were definately required and a hot cup of coffee or tea!
This morning we found a bottle tree, which nobody remembers seeing when we arrived.  And it appears that the smoked honey & old virginia spent the night together.....

We shared breakfast with Maureen, Andy & Ash this morning - omelettes.

My lense kept fogging up

Our lovely cook
Later in the morning we all went for a bit of walk around part of the property and checked out some of the other campsites & the creek.

Pretty little creek


And we kept wondering around and discovering.....

Our friends Simmo & Leigh and Mitch the dog popped in to say hi, but couldn't stay the night.  We would have to make up one of the rowdiest & daggiest looking bunches I've seen - haha

Yabbies, don't know if there's any in that there creek but Craig's gone off to give it a go. Curiosity killed that cat so they said, but Maureen & Tracy decided it was worth it and tagged along to see what all the fuss was about and Boris the dog of course.

Time to get the campfire on for a spot of lunch for everyone - hamburgers with all the trimmings!

Good looking fire
Looks yummy

More firewood was needed, so the boys went on the hunt from the big pile of dead trees up the hill.

Now, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with David but his OCD is quite funny when you're camping and he has to grade & sort all the sticks for the campfire (then you get the other boys coming along and dragging big branches across David's piles and it sends him into quite a spin hahaha)