Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Karumba Trip April 2012

Finally we're on the road to Karumba....

Hi Everyone, well we finally departed the Sunshine Coast for Karumba at 12pm on Saturday 21st April, 2012 - Ya!  The mornings events including having to get the Hilux serviced as it was going to be due about 1500klms into our trip and this morning was the only time the mechanics could fit it in.  It may have delayed our departure by a few hours, but at least I had packed the camper yesterday ready to go and it gave Craig a chance to duck into BCF and buy a few more yabby traps, apparently we would need them......

So, destination today is Lake Victoria, approximately 50klms NW of Biloela - it's a free campsite on, as the name suggests, Lake Victoria.  We headed up the highway to Gin Gin and fuelled up the car and ourselves around 3.30pm.  From there it was onwards toward Gladstone and turn left at Calliope along the Dawson Highway, then north onto the Burnett Highway toward Biloela.  By the time we reached Biloela, which was around 6.30pm we decided to grab something for dinner and KFC it was that we passed on the road, so KFC it was for dinner :(  Now, the reason we drove for so long and late, was that we'd arranged to meet Craig's brother Donny & his partner Francis (who came down from Rocky) there for the night to catchup, otherwise we most definitely would have stopped at either Monduran Dam or Calliope River for the night.

Anyways, we finally arrived in darkness at Lake Victoria around 7pm, at least Craig got to use the spotties on the dark Burnett Highway and the dirt roads out to the Lake.  Donny had a nice fire going and had picked a good flat campsite.  We setup slowly while having a drink and a chat, eventually having to get a wriggle on because Boris was hungry and needed his dinner!  Sat around the campfire for a few hours enjoying the clear, star filled sky and chatting.  We retired for the evening to our surprise around 11.30pm - I suppose that's what you get for arriving at camp at 7pm!

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