Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Karumba - Tuesday 1st May 2012

We were on the road around 7:30am this morning (and I forgot to take a photo of the Balgal Beach camp area), still heading south our destination tonight will be Carmila Beach.

We took a detour  to have a tiggy tour around Townsville to see what it looked like these days, then continued south.  Had a quick stop in Mackay for some refreshment supplies for the remainder of our holiday and arrived at Carmila Beach around 4pm.  We went a bit further along the camping area this time and found a heap of campsites poked into the dune all the way along as far as the river (the camping area is probably about 1klm long).  We found a spot overlooking the beach and setup camp.  It was blowing a gale, so we went for a walk to the facilities and had a look for a more protected spot we could camp for the night.  Upon returning to the camper we could see if we stayed there any longer that the tropical roof on the camper would probably get torn off (yes, it was blowing that much), so we closed up the camper and moved back about 10m behind some shrubs - much nicer, could still see the ocean and there was the threat of rain coming also.

 We packed the chairs etc., inside the camper twice when it started to drizzle, but no sooner had we done that, the drizzle stopped.  Eventually we had a simple dinner (due to fact we didn't know if it would really rain or not), Craig had a shower after dinner even with the wind blowing (I decided I could wait a night and I'm glad I did - apparently it was quite cold showering in the wind ?), after my giggling subsided we retired for the evening fairly early.

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