Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cape York - Tuesday 23/8/11

Greeted the world about 7am this morning, can only have coffee this morning because we've run out of milk & bread, so breakfast when we arrive in Cooktown.  Packed up, took the photo's of the truck outside the Lions Den Hotel, then headed north to Cooktown @ 8.45am. 
If we can pass by the Lions Den on the way home, we will so we can stay another night, it's a great spot.
A little bit of dirt road this morning, but mostly bitumen.  We found out last night talking to some fellows camped beside us, that the graders haven't been over the cape roads, so they are going to be very rough & corrugated.  Met some other campers last night travelling to the Cape as well (2 cars with camper trailers), they were saying they are learning very quickly about how they need to pack everything in the campers so it doesn't get broken when travelling on Qld's dirt roads.  They are from Victoria and drive the high country regularly, but apparently our Queensland dirt roads/tracks are alot more challanging.
Boris has been travelling really well, when he gets wrestless we know it's time to stop and give him a little walk around.

Arrived in Cooktown about 9.30ish, drove through town to have alook around and check out which Caravan parks allow dogs (because I couldn't remember).  The C/Park we stayed at last time is now a Big 4 and doesn't allow dogs, so found another one in town (Cooktown Orchid Travellers Park) who allows dogs, so have booked in there.  Need to do some washing & dog needs a bath, so it's necessary thing to stay here, otherwise we would have stayed out of town at Archers Point, which is a free campsot and apparently really nice.  The wind is still blowing here, it must be about 30-35knots with gusts of 40knots, unbelieveable.  Waiting for the camper & truck to fly off together!
Took Craig & Boris for a walk through town after the domestic duties were done, a local fellow said as we passed by him "You should give that staffy to me", then continued with "Ah no, he's a male, my one will kill 'im".  We looked at each other and walked away quickly.
Have some peace & quiet now, Craig & the dog are having a lunchtime nap, so I can catchup finally on the blog entries since we have internet coverage again.
Just bought some nice prawns for afternoon tea from a mobile seafood guy, who drove through the caravan park.  Yum!
I think we have decided to head toward Elim Beach just north of Cooktown tomorrow, it's supposed to be a beautiful spot to camp (you stay at Eddies Camp), but need to ring Eddie and check if dogs are allowed.  Wherever we head to tomorrow, probably won't get internet coverage for a bit until we get to Weipa hopefully. 


  1. Haven't heard from you in a while, are you lost? do we need to organise search party.....

  2. i'll try and listen to this pm's sked and catch you after but the boats parked up at the jetty so not sure ill get out with all the surrounding obstacles

  3. Ok nothing heard, Barney and his mob are heading up to look for you they'll be there in a month, hang on.... u can do it..