Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cape York - Monday 29/8/11

Up with the sunrise this morning 6.30am.  Craig & Jim went off fishing first thing, something about the fish should be biting this early in the morning.....  On their return, empty handed we had scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast and decided to stay another night.  The call for smoko/lunch today was a damper, so Evelyne & I decided we'd make a bacon, cheese & onion damper.  Evelyne was gamer then me and went down for a swim in the rapids, while Jim kept watch for crocs, then the boys were off fishing again and we girls created our damper, using the beer recipe.  We had a small sun shower, which slowed down our damper making, but by the time our great hunters returned it was ready to go into the camp oven and onto the coals.
While waiting for the damper to cook, the boys went off for a swim in the rapids and then off for another fish (why I don't know, they never bring any back for dinner!)  There doesn't seem to be a lot of fish being caught, but there seems to be a lot of stories about the ones that got away.......
Upon checking the damper it was finally ready and smelled delicious!  We all hoed in just putting butter on it and it was delicious.  Very proud of my first ever damper.

Craig and I took Boris for a walk to the river and to give him a freshwater bath.  Very pretty spot. 
Boris was very excited.

Jim's job was to get the fire going again for the Roast Beef we're having for dinner tonight (well everyone except me - chicken kiev for me).  Fire going, the 2 hunters decided to go for another fish & put the yabby traps in.  They were supposed to be back by 6pm, but it's now dark and 6.30pm - Ev & I decided we'd better get the potato bake, roast beef & veges on the fire.  Upon the empty handed hunters return, we were of course informed we hadn't done it right......  By the time everything had cooked and got eaten, it was a late night 11pm.  With full bellies we all turned in for the night.
Oh, we spied the whole Irwin clan this morning, coming across the river with their entourage in 3 cars.  It would appear they were leaving for home, as only one car returned late in the afternoon with a staff member in it.
Craig did manage to catch a couple of prawns & a baby fish of some kind in his yabby trap.

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